Why do I pay the same amount every week if the program is closed for part of the week?

The weekly fees for our programs are divided evenly over the course of the entire school calendar year against the annual cost of the program, and take into account all holidays, half-days, etc. (this is noted in your contract under “Important Billing Information”, on the second line item). Because of this, the weekly charges are the same, week to week, regardless of whether or not the child attends the program. This is why you will also see regular charges for the week of Thanksgiving, and other holiday weeks during which there is no school on a Friday or Monday.

        The only two instances in which you will not be charged are if you either disenroll a child from the program entirely, or during a break period in which they were not signed up for and did not attend (the 3 week fall break, 1 week in winter, 2 weeks in spring, and the 7 week summer break). Please note, you must provide a 2 week notice to disenroll, and breaks must be signed up for separately.