How to Add an Emergency Contact:

Step One

Log in to the Parent Portal, click on the Personal tab on the main toolbar or click on the Personal tile icon.

Step Two

Click on the Add New Contact link.

Step Three

Enter any release limitations or notes for the emergency contact in the Release limitations/ notes text box.

Then, select the type of contact in the Contact Type drop down list.

  • Select Emergency if the contact is an emergency contact for your family.
  • Select First Release if the contact can remove your child from the center but is not an emergency contact.
  • Select Release if the contact can remove your child from the center, but is not the first individual that should be removing the child from the center.
  • Select Sponsor if the contact is a financial sponsor for your child and will be making payments for your child.

Next, enter the first and last name of the contact in the First Name and Last Name text box.

Then, enter the home address for the contact in the Address, City, State and Zip text boxes.

Next, enter the telephone numbers for the contact in the Home Phone, Work Phone and Cell Phone text boxes.

To make a contact a payer, first save the contact and then click on the Make Payer button. This will generate a User ID for the contact that the contact can then use to log into the Connect edition. When a contact logs in for the first time, their password will be their username. They will be immediately prompted to update their password before continuing.

Then, click on the Save button. After clicking on the Save button, the screen will refresh, displaying the new contact in the Contacts section.