How do you set up Auto-Pay?

Through the “parent portal” parents can sign up for an auto-payment method through DaycareWorks.

Step One

After you log in, click on the Auto-Pay tab on the main toolbar, or click on the Auto-Pay tile icon.

Step Two

Enter the first name on the account in the first Account Holder text box. In the second text box, enter the last name on the account.

Next, enter the billing address of the account owner, including city, state, and zip code.

Then, enter the email address of the account owner in the Holder Email text box. This will be the email address that an auto payment message will be sent to.

Next, enter the telephone number for the account owner in the Phone Number text box.

Then, select the method of payment in the Payment Type drop down list.

  • Select Credit Card to register a credit card for the online payment.
  • Select ACH to register a bank account for the online payment method.
    • If ACH is selected in the Payment Type drop down list, enter the name of the bank in the Bank Name text box.
    • Then, select the type of bank account that the money will be deducted from in the Bank Account Type drop down list.
    • Next, enter the check number, bank account number, and routing number in the Check Number, Bank Account Number and Routing Number text boxes.
    • When finished, click on the Save button.