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Work Phone: 520-879-2268
Categories: Acacia Elementary School
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The Before and Aftercare Program provides a safe and supportive environment before and after school for children to explore and develop their own interests. Personal responsibility and positive peer interactions will be stressed. A variety of activities such as art, wood working, games, music, physical activity, science, computers, homework time, clubs, cooking and community service projects will be introduced throughout the year.

We are open from 7 am until school starts and after school until 6 pm


Before Only

4 day schedule - $28/week

5 day schedule - $34/week

After Only

4 day schedule - $65/week

5 day schedule - $80/week

Before & After

4 day schedule - $70/week

5 day schedule - $88/week

Full Time
Available at All Sites

4 day schedule - $142/week

5 day schedule - $177/week

Part Time
Available at Certain Sites ONLY, Please Inquire

4 day schedule - $94/week

5 day schedule - $116/week