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Community Programs at Senita Valley

At Senita Valley Community Programs, we currently offer the following programs: Preschool for ages 3 to 5 (NAEYC Accredited), KinderPlus AM and PM (a 3 ½ hour program designed to complement and enhance the school experience by extending the Kindergarten curriculum), and before and after school programs for ages 5 through 11. During the school breaks we offer Vail Discovery Camps for Preschool through 5th Grade.

All of our programs provide opportunities for:

• A. - Active Learning
• C. - Critical Thinking
• A. - Achieving Focus
• D. - Developing Perspective
• E. - Engaged Learning
• M. - Making Connections
• I. - Intentional Instruction
• C. - Challenging Activities
• S. - Self-Directed Learning

Work Phone: 520-879-3185
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